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Hello! I'm Daphne, an Asian American artist and the creator of the award winning webcomic Once Upon a Magpie.For business inquiries, please contact me at [email protected]

Yoo Joonghyuk and Kim Dokja Companion Clear Cards made in collaboration with Momojiji. Each card comes with a unique AR Filter

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Recommended Age: 15+
Status: Hiatus/Awaiting Serialization
Silver Prize winner of Kadokawa Group's 2023 TATESC COMICS Global Awards

Dark Fantasy/Drama/Action/Thriller
Recommended Age: 15+
Status: Hiatus
What would you give in order to protect the things you love? For Luciel, the answer is simple: everything. After foreseeing the fall of his country and feeling he has nothing left to lose, Luciel puts his all into trying to change the future. But every action has its consequence, and not everything is as it seems...

Action/Dark Fantasy/ Drama
Recommended Age: 15+
Status: Complete
As their kingdom crumbles around them, decorated knight Ser Rowan Warfield steels himself to secure his king's escape, no matter the cost.Submission for the 2022 Webtoon Call to Action Contest.

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For business inquiries, please contact me at [email protected]NOT CURRENTLY TAKING COMMISSIONS

2024 Convention Schedule

Anime Impulse Seattle (Seattle, WA), May 18-19Phoenix Fan Fusion (Phoenix, AZ), May 24-26DoKomi (Dusseldorf, Germany), June 28-30ConVergence (Minneapolis, MN), July 4-7Twin Cities Con (Minneapolis, MN), Nov 8-10KisuuCon (Portland, OR), Dec 20-22

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Comic Assistantships

ABNORMS by Chaks
Dark Fantasy | Adult
Coloring and rendering
To be published on WebtoonCanvas

Ashes of a Yearning Dragon: Zero by Luxiva
Romance | Adult
To be published through AfART

Swordid by Momojiji
2023 - Ongoing
Comedy | Middle Grade
Cleaning and coloring
Read on Webtoon Original

Across Your Shattered Sky by LlewellynAYSS
2023 - Ongoing
Thriller | Adult
Paneling and dialogue lettering
Read on WebtoonCanvas

Zines and Fan Projects

TitleFandomCreation PeriodRoleStatus
Long Story Short: Charity ZineFE3 Houses/Hopes2024Page ArtistCreation
In the Footsteps of FateFire Emblem2024Page ArtistComplete
FE Rally for GazaFire Emblem2024ArtistComplete
AllDokORV2023-2024Page ArtistProduction
Storytime Big BangORV2023-2024Page ArtistCreation
White RosesFE: 3 Houses2023-2024Page ArtistProduction
EngagedFE: Engage2023Page ArtistComplete

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